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Software and computer-related inventions at Mann IP

Mann IP is a boutique patent attorney firm and, as the firm’s principal, I work with innovators in a diverse range of technical fields. One of my particular areas of expertise, however, is software and computer-implemented inventions.

Prior to becoming a patent attorney, I worked for several years as a professional software and systems engineer. Originally, I started out in 2001 as a researcher at HP Labs in Bristol, UK. I worked in a team that was developing software in the field of pervasive computing, which is now more fashionably referred to as the “Internet of things”. One of my prototypes, Cooltown Notes, received a fair amount of publicity at the time and there are still a few articles about my work lying around on the web. See, for example, Mike Elgan’s Computerworld article here (Section Google is building HP's 'Cooltown')

I guess that was my 15 minutes!

I later moved into the videogames industry, where I worked as a programmer, before joining a visual effects company in London which became what is now Framestore. Seven million lines of code later, I packed myself off to law school and started a long chain of life events that led to me becoming a registered patent and trade marks attorney in Australia.

As an attorney, I thoroughly enjoy blending law with technology and working with innovators from all walks of life. I must confess, however, that I occasionally do miss the creative process of software development. Luckily, however, I now get to work with some great developers, both locally and overseas. In the past, I have worked with engineers who have conceived systems and algorithms in technical fields that include networked resource management, hardware virtualization and GPU-level graphics processing. I also still keep my hand in programming in my “spare” time and the propeller at the top of my cap is still capable of spinning pretty fast.

The laws relating to software and business method inventions are ever topical and continually evolving. If you’re developing in this space and would like to discuss in confidence if and how IP may be able to protect you, then please get in touch to arrange a free no obligation consultation.

The following page contains some further information about my software and computing practice.



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