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In most jurisdictions, renewal fees (sometimes called maintenance fees or annuities) must be periodically paid to keep registered IP rights in force, including patents, trade marks and designs, and to keep applications for such rights pending.

Keeping track of all the applicable deadlines is difficult and missing them can lead to a loss of rights, sometimes irrevocably. Mann IP offer a renewals service to carefully track and monitor all relevant renewal dates for your IP portfolio. We send timely reminders to you for all upcoming deadlines and ensure that all required fees are paid in good time.

Watch services

Keeping track of your competitors is smart business. Mann IP offer a watch service to periodically search national IP registers for filings made by your competitors. Searches can be conducted at any frequency that you require (e.g. weekly, monthly or quarterly) and based on search criteria tailored for you and your business.

We can also set a watch on one or more specific IP filings made by your competitors in order to monitor and keep track of important dates, prosecution progress and status changes.